Morley Trust and Holdings history traces back over 144 years. Today we work off the same principals as we did in the beginning. We are a Christ-Centered Business that and uses simple Christian beliefs to running businesses. 

The first three generations of history had been in Confectionery and Grocery. Spanning Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee our lineage had success in the supermarket and grocery boom. We took a lot of pride in providing communities with great food with competitive prices

As each generation grew, growth in multiple locations came. We always believed in connecting closely with the community and understood the value of marketing, sales, and personal relationships.

Third generation president, Gordon Morley, led Morley's exit of the Grocery Space and into the Hospitality space by acquiring  many real estate assets and management of those assets. During this period the headquarters moved to Daytona Beach, Florida.

It was at the world’s most famous beach Morley ventured into Hotel Ownership, taking control over multiple must stay at properties.

Upon Gordon's retirement, family members deferred control and accepted executive level roles in hospitality for Disney.

Jim DeBerry is appointed by the board as Vice President, Business Development. DeBerry had a  diversified approach to M&A adding Hospitality, Attractions, Consulting, and Events, and Home Service Companies to the portfolio 

Aqua Pool Dealer, Inc. expands to four Florida markets, among them are Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Melbourne, and Orlando. The line was later sold in 2013

Now, in its fifth generation, led under Jim DeBerry, the company has been active as a Small-Mid Cap REIT with assets in Commercial properties, Home Services Space, specifically Swimming Pools and Solar Energy, later diversifying into the entertainment spaces, a passion of its founding members. Also Morley Media Relations, Press Kit Services, Morley Public Services are spun out of the B2B services division

Non Linear Production and Broadcasting brands are repackaged as Definitive Television and Hospitality  Events are repackaged as EFFECTS Co. Inc.
Although, it’s still many years before the next generation takes the lead, they have already begun using core Morley business practices at the lemonade stand by the focusing of God first, being stewards to their peers, caring about customers, and of course Sales and Marketing.
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